St. Patty’s Day Pickins

by Chrysa SmithOh, St. Patrick! I love your feast day; dislike your food. In fact, the one Irish dish I'll even cook up is Irish Soda Bread--not only because it requires no fights with yeast, but it is quite delicious.History is said to date back to 1817, when a British editor at The Gentleman's Magazine was asked to come up with a recipe using soft wheat. Soft wheat, or poor wheat was readily [...]

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The Pantry, continued:The Sweet Stuff

by Chrysa SmithI know. Cake mixes have been around for decades; nothing new, you say. Well, I've recently stocked up on a bunch. Not because I'm a sugar junkie (although I might be). But because I regularly make an appointment with The Cake Mix Doctor.If you choose to make your own appointment, I must say, you will see healthy cakes in a whole new way. For instance, take a yellow cake mix [...]

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A Sweet Answer to a Redundant Question

By: Mary Fran BontempoTo hear an audio version of this post, click the play arrow below.My feet don’t even hit the floor in the morning and the question pops into my head:“Oh god. What am I going to make for dinner?”If you happen to be responsible for feeding and watering the familial masses, the next meal is never far from your mind. What do I have in the freezer? Is there any milk? [...]

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Mr. Joe’s South Philly Empire

by Chrysa SmithWhen was the last time you were greeted by a motherly woman, seated in a room full of nostalgia and served a full, all-inclusive meal that didn't cost you the price of a butter-soft handbag? Grandma's house? Well it's close. It's Mr. Joe's Cafe on South 8th Street in Philly. Step inside and you'll feel like you've stepped into grandma's kitchen, because the atmosphere is warm, the food is quite good [...]

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