By Chrysa Smith

Election Day is coming soon. Perhaps you’ve noticed those pesky campaign ads for like—the last 12 months!!! I, for one, will be glad once its all over. But in the meantime, it does get one thinking–what is it that’s really meaningful to you? What would you campaign for? Vote for? Take a stand for?

Personally, here are some campaign promises I’d like to hear:

  •  SLASHED dress sizes for everyone!
  • Calorie-free chocolate by the end of the first year
  • Sweat-free exercise zones in every major metropolitan area
  • Really ‘green’ environments: cash trees in every yard
  • Computers that never freeze, slow down or crash
  • Self-cleaning homes with the Energy Star rating 
  • High thread count sheets on every bed
  • Organic food at mass produced prices
  • Really long-lasting hair color that doesn’t fade

and of course, a dog in every yard. A savory, roast chicken in every pot.

Check out some top celebrities having fun voting for their favorite ‘stuff’ in an attempt to get you out on November 6th.