by Chrysa Smith

When the temperatures drop
and the moon rises high
It’s time for some pumpkin
in bread, cakes & pie

So break out the canned pumpkin
or scoop out your gourd
for some fine, festive food
fit for King, Queen or Lord

I like Libby’s boxed bread mix
that’s natural and free
of chemical additives
where they should not be

So easy to make,
even in haste
then make it your own
with additions to taste

Pecans and chocolate chips
add a nice kick
dried mango and coconut
are my favorite pick

So, when at the store
pick up a box or two
then bake them and freeze them
and serve all the fall ‘thru


Libby’s pumpkin bread mix kits are available at many supermarkets (including Safeway stores) throughout October and November. One box makes two loaves, as natural as doing it yourself, in a lot less time.