by Chrysa Smith

I’m treading on sacred ground—sacred maternal ground. Because along with the working mommy wars are the nursing wars. For some reason, especially with women, individual preferences turn into divided battles. Thank God I’m so past that stage.

But it all came back to me the other day as I saw the images of two military moms in uniform, nursing their babies in public. And I have to say, for all I’ve seen through the years, it was still a bit shocking.

It was the uniform of course. The military uniforms and formal and pressed and perfect and buttoned up for a reason. Everyone not only looks the same—but they look professional–ready to jump to action at a minute’s notice. There’s structure, discipline, adherence to a rigid set of standards. And for some reason, exposed breasts just don’t go with the look.

Now there’s enough controversy about mother’s whipping them out in public—still. But in uniform too? It just seems to cross the work vs. home line. And to see it on tv? Well, throw me an oxygen mask. Big, exposed boobs garbed in camouflage attire. Well, it’s just not an image that I want to see over and over again. And quite frankly, it’s funny and ironic that camouflage uniforms, designed to hide one from view, became the fashion statement for nursing moms—at least until the media buzz dies down.

What do you think? When in a uniform, is it ok to nurse in public? Am I stodgy? (well, clearly not after my post about Fifty Shades of Grey). Drop a line and tell us what you think.