by Chrysa Smith

Just the other day, I was engaged in conversation with a few other middle age divas. We were in the midst of celebrating a very festive occasion, yet, as often happens, when we get down to catching up, we hear of each other’s health issues. Whether it be heart, boobs, mood, circulation, bones or any other malfunctioning body part, the fear of the illness is often equal to the host of undesirable side effects of the prescribed medication.

You’ve seen the labels. You’ve watched the commercials. You’ve heard the jokes. Maybe you’ve even taken the pills. So, I say enough already!

In my magical panacea, your body and all of its parts would be returned to your their proper functioning. And in addition, you would reap the following list of potential side effects:

  • unequalled bliss
  • outbursts of laughter
  • a desire to jump rope, put on roller skates, skip stones
  • weight loss
  • softening of the skin
  • thickening of the hair (only on the scalp)
  • hair loss on all body parts but for the scalp, brows and lashes
  • an unexplained chivalry exhibited by the opposite sex whenever you walk into a room
  • happy, well-adjusted offspring
  • an increase in economic growth
  • a decrease in waist and thigh measurements
  • increased odds at winning all contests, lotteries, prizes, etc.
Stay healthy. Stay happy.

disclaimer: I am not a licensed, educated, graduated or bonafide physician; nor do I attempt to play one on this blog. The magical panacea described above is purely for fantasy and amusements purposes only–until scientists discover such a formulation, I recommend the placebo effect that comes with good wine.

Have your own Rx for good health?