woman-cleaning1By: Chrysa Smith


There I am. Vacuum in one hand; dust cloth in the other. Draped in pearls. Dressed in high heels and of course, a nice dress.

Of course it’s a dream, as I don’t pretend to enjoy housekeeping. Though I must say, once it’s done, I get some jollies out of the fact that it all looks so good. And my neurotic ‘orderly’ tendencies are calmed. So it is with great surprise to me that I am writing this piece about a great  cleaning product that is new to me—and I just love.

Now some time ago, I was complaining about my wood floors. Of course, there are a couple of men and dogs that tread here. And there’s bound to be some scuffs and wear. But with all of the products made especially for my brand of floor, I was always disappointed with the dullness that would soon arise–maybe within a day or two. And I never knew if I was actually using cleaning products too much—and should just sweep for awhile, or call the pros and have my floors stripped.

Then came a conversation with a friend with the same complaint. She told me her neighbor had beautiful wood floors and was told to use Orange Glo. Long story short, I ran out to the store (Home Depot has it, but many grocery stores do not). I came home and I’ll be damned. The finish was both beautiful and lasting. I now do them once a week and forget about them. So the other day, when my kitchen cabinets looked a little war-torn, I decided to try it on them. Again, the sheen that it brought to them put a smile on my face.   OK—it’s the little things in life. But with the holidays coming, it’s nice to know that with one product, I can make several things in my house look good, stay long and leave me time to enjoy the things I really love.