By: Chrysa Smith


If you look at my IPod, you’ll wonder if I’m 16 or 65. Because not only do I have some of the latest pop and hip-hop music, but a little Dean Martin to boot.

But Martin’s only one of a host of entertainers I enjoy listening to from the past—many of them, happy to say, still alive and kicking. And this upcoming weekend, I’ll be seeing one of them live–thanks to a birthday present I gave to my husband.  This one’s directly from the 60s, when it was all about revolution and change and folksy, hippie stuff. Saturday it will be all about  Gordon Lightfoot (yes, he’s still performing).

While I can’t say Lightfoot is my favorite singer/songwriter,  I sure do like and reminisce to his music: If You Could Read My Mind, Carefree Highway, Rainy Day People, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Sundown—to name a few. I haven’t listened to them in years, but the funny thing about music is how it immediately causes a response—to think back, boogie, laugh, cry, sing along to. And for sure, remembering some of the favorite  friends and fashions from the era.  Most of my listening took place in the 70s (as I was a 1960 baby)  and I can still see the peasant blouses, the bell bottom jeans, some in stripes. Dr. Scholl sandals, platform shoes, hair picks, head bands, Bonne Bell, Lemon Up Shampoo, Sun In (still use that), Peter Max paintings, Huckapoo shirts, Bazooka gum, curlers, crocheted purses, midriff tops, tube tops and oh, so much more.

The Canadian, born in 1938, is still on tour–which, according to my calculations, makes him 76. I’m anxious to see if he still sounds good, and if I’ll have any further flashbacks. Back in the day, I had long hair, parted in the middle, hip huggers and a body that was about 25 lbs. lighter. But this week, I’ll enjoy a nice dinner at 5:30 and a show in the burbs at 8pm. Who’s old? Not me. I’ll be wearing my long, tie-dyed skirt.