Ahhhh.  Hand softening treatments.  Cleansing, toning facial masks.  Back rubs and heated neck pillows.

You’re thinking Spa, right?  Well, close, but closer to home and a lot less expensive. How about a Tuesday night with your girlfriends, candles, wine and some very cool products especially designed to pamper you?

This past week, the NRFGP gang met at the home of our own Chrysa Smith to indulge in a little fussing over ourselves–with the help of our favorite Spa Lady, Roberta Fortune.

Roberta brings a mini-spa outing right to your home, offering an array of items from BeautiControl, which encourages women (and men, I suppose!) to take time out of hectic daily lives and indulge in a bit of pampering bliss.  (Now I know this doesn’t look like pampering, but trust me; it was!  Roberta to the right.  Friend Janine to the left.)

Noting that “Every woman can find time in little moments throughout the day to take care of herself,” Roberta offered exfoliating scrubs, lovely moisturizing creams, lip balms and other personal care items for us to sample as she stressed the importance of taking time to pay attention to yourself.  “Taking the time to rejuvenate and relax is so important for women.  It makes us feel so much better inside as well as out,” Roberta adds.

Of course, in order to get ourselves gorgeous, we all had to temporarily put aside any vanity, as you can see by the photos, right and below.   (Yes, that’s our own Pat Achilles, being a wonderful sport at right.  And Chrysa Smith is definitely in the zone, along with poodle Bobby, below.)  But as long as we didn’t look in any mirrors, the entire experience helped cultivate some serious inner zen.  Spending time with friends is always a pick-me-up.  Adding in some personal pampering makes it even better.  And a Spa night on a Tuesday?  Sheer heaven!

You know what they say about beauty, girls–no pain, no gain.  Well, it might look painful, but it was truly peaceful.  We should have included some “After” photos, because we looked great!  Take time to pamper yourself, whatever your method of choice.  You deserve it.

There’s still time to enter our Mother’s Day Spa give-away, with products from Roberta.  Click here to enter!

To contact Roberta Fortune about your own Spa night, click here.

The NRFGP writers received no compensation for this review.  However, spa contest gifts were donated by Roberta Fortune.