ABC Offers New Fall Series:
Once Upon a Time and Charlie’s Angels
By: Mary Fran Bontempo 

ABC’s Once Upon a Time-new this fall!

It’s the stuff of fairy tales—literally.

Anyone who has ever read a fairy tale to a child knows that before the happy ending, there is a dark side. This fall, ABC premiers a series in which the fantastical world of the fairy tale and modern day living collide, bringing to life all of the magic, menace and passion that results.

Once Upon a Time introduces us to Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), abandoned as a baby and now drawn to a strange New England town by the little boy she, herself, gave up years ago. Young Henry leads Emma back to Storybrooke, where appearances are more than a little deceiving. Henry informs Emma that the residents of Storybrooke are in fact, the characters of fairy tales, who, having forgotten their true identities, remain trapped in a frozen time warp through the curse of, yes, an evil queen.

The twist? This town exists in the here and now, with all of the world’s modern trappings and Emma must decide if her fate lies in battling the forces of evil for the salvation of Storybrooke or in abandoning her son and returning to life outside of the bewitched village.

Brought to the small screen by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (executive producers/creators of Lost), Once Upon a Time offers viewers the ultimate escape, as beloved characters from childhood tales leap to life in a most un-childlike way. As adult passions and jealousies intertwine, the road to happily-ever-after becomes twisted indeed.

While the theatrical Shrek series mined the fairy tale field for laughs, Once Upon a Time offers a decidedly adult take on the characters we all know and love. Lovers of drama, fantasy, intrigue and romance (did I leave anyone out?) will find something to like about this new series, premiering this fall, Sunday nights at 8 PM on ABC.

For a sneak peek at Once Upon a Time, check out the trailer below!

Charlie’s Angels

The cast of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels-new this fall!

Three hot ladies with guns who can kick some serious butt. The description applies equally to both the past and now present incarnations of television’s Charlie’s Angels.

This fall, ABC resurrects the hit 70’s TV show, known for giving women a chance to shoot-em-up like the guys and claim their place in television cop lore. A campy, glamorous, fun ride, the 70’s version was responsible for launching more than a few careers—remember Farah Fawcett? Thursdays at 8 PM this fall sees the return of Charlie’s Angels, with a few tweaks to add to the fun.

First off, our “Angels” are anything but. Each woman brings a bit of bad to the proceedings, with a thief, a crooked cop and a car-stealing street racer in the mix. And this time around, Bosley, Charlie’s liaison to his Angels, is GQ cover worthy, in addition to being a technical wiz. The always suave Robert Wagner gives the never-seen Charlie Townsend his mysterious voice.

The new take on an old favorite still packs a fun-filled punch, with gorgeous people, locales—it’s white-hot Miami this time around—and tons of action, replete with the requisite fabulous fashion and high-heeled running.

Brought to the small screen by Executive Producers Leonard Goldberg (the original Charlie’s Angels) and Drew Barrymore (an Angel from the movie franchise), the new Charlie’s Angels should be a fun-filled thrill ride for old and new fans alike.

For a sneak peek at the new Charlie’s Angels, check out the trailer below!