by Chrysa Smith

My husband is great for coming home with new business opportunities, new products, new schemes. Some good; some–well, not so much. But one of the newer on the list is a cleaning product that I have to admit, is really pretty darn good.

OneClean is an all natural multi-purpose cleaner that really does what it says. Naturally, as a born and bred New Yorker, I was skeptical. Reminds me of those Ginsu steak knives or those food choppers that slice, dice, shred, julienne–you name it, it does it. So I tested it out on my granite counter tops. No matter how well I try to keep them free of crumbs and smears, each morning, I wake up and it’s dull and full of a young adult crumb trail. Once I hit it with OneClean, it shines nicely and stays that way for the day—at least until the invaders come along. And because it’s natural, I don’t mind spraying it while my tomatoes sit out on the counter basket. With other cleaners, I would cloak them or move them, less I get poisoned from a toxic, red fruit.

But it also works nicely on my Bruce wood floors. So often, the wood cleaning products make the floors like nice the first day, but doggie nails and big galoot tennis shoes remove that nice look soon enough. With this product, the sheen has stayed. And perhaps, it’s partly because it doesn’t contain that waxy ingredient that makes the smears stand out more.

So, the ultimate test: I tried it on my toilets. That’s an area I’d like roped off and cleaned by those guys in the hooded white uniforms. But I must admit, it stood the test. So basically, I’m sold. I will not only shamelessly promote this because of my husband’s connection to the company, but also, the owner is a real nice guy, with a grass roots operation that deserves some attention.

OneClean is one of a growing line of natural cleaning products. But this one nicely replaces my product-specific list of cleaners. Now my laundry room (where I keep my cleaning products) is tidy as well.

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