By: Mary Fran Bontempo

Tree of life necklace on

Tree of life necklace on

Malls, crowds, traffic, and piles and piles of the same merchandise. Ugh. It’s enough to make a Grinch out of even a Christmas-lover like Clark Griswold. Or me. Which is why I’m exploring other options for the perfect gift.

One of my favorite stops is accessible from anywhere, at any time, and I don’t even have to change from my pajamas to shop.

Etsy is a treasure-trove of just about anything you could want–for Christmas or at any other time of year. Started as a site for crafters to sell their handmade wares, Etsy has grown into an internet mall of sorts, offering unique items in categories ranging from jewelry to apparel to accessories to gifts for the home, like cozy knit blankets and throws.




Vintage china on

In addition to newly created items, Etsy also features vintage gift items like china and dinnerware. Even textiles like throw pillows and rugs are featured both as new and vintage pieces.

“Traditional” artists offer their work on the site as well, and wall art in the forms of original paintings and sculpture abound.

When mass produced gifts and crowded malls make you feel more like Ebeneezer Scrooge than a Christmas elf, head on over to Etsy for a truly special shopping experience.

Before you know it, you’ll be fa-la-la-la-laaaaing your way right through the holiday season!