By: Chrysa Smith

thIf you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol, you’ll love Ballroom With A Twist. It’s a traveling show that includes members of all of these casts.

For two hours, you’re glued to the stage, watching as men and women move and contort their bodies in ways that make you cringe, feel completely obese, think about taking an intense fitness class or putting yourself on a starvation diet.

I’ve never been one to watch the dancing shows on TV. For whatever reason, they never held my attention, although of course, still wowed by their talent. But in the flesh, it takes on a whole other dimension. For those who are ‘in the know’ Anna and Dmitri were the hosts, with Anna playfully engaging the audience. And I must add that I wouldn’t mind ‘tripping the light fantastic’ (can you tell my age?) with him—he’s quite handsome and sweetly charming.

They introduced us to each series of dances that included classic ballroom, swing, Latin and hip-hop. There was even a break-dancer that swept the floor on butt and head with his swirling, kicking and gymnastic movements. I actually couldn’t take my eyes off one of the dancers. She was so tall and graceful, with a cute pixi haircut, and both her body and hair moved perfectly in sync with the music.

The tango was sultry, the jive was swinging and the pop, trendy. In a variety of numbers, two singers from American Idol sang along while the dancers performed. And it was an enjoyable night for all. If you get a chance to see it in your city, please do. It’s a great girl’s out evening. And my Zumba class was there with bells on. Perhaps this week, we’ll remember just a few of the moves, feel a little more risqué and make the class even more of a workout. I’ve got my latex and jingling bracelets on—-gotta go. Class calls. For upcoming tour dates across the country, log onto: