By: Chrysa Smith

If you’re looking for a good time at the movies this weekend, and are lucky enough to live near an arts house—or a big enough theater that shows ‘arts’ movies, check out ‘Chef.’ It’s a light, fun, visually and audibly entertaining film that touches most of my favorite topics: food, love, life, friendship.

Jon Favreau stars, acts in and directs this comedy that follows the life of a renowned chef.  Favreau’s boss, Dustin Hoffman, demands that this creative chef suck up his own desires and continue with an old, standard menu that ultimately, lands him a bad food blogger review.  Through a series of funny social media faux pas, the world is informed of his troubles and puts this once top chef at the bottom of the pile. Already divorced and neglectful of his only child, the chef goes through a self-discovery process that as most of us who’ve undergone these dark, soulful periods know, ends in changes that are positive transformations.

Sofia Vergara plays his estranged wife. Although I felt her acting a little sub-par, Favreau more than makes up for it as a larger than life character that you can’t help but like. As his son is constantly ‘put off’ for all of his work demands, his desire to just be with dad ultimately pays off, as his social media savvy pulls this chef up by his bootstraps and kicks starts his recovery. Vergara quietly plots the course of events that she knows, will ultimately bring him happiness—owning a food truck that serves simple, but highly creative dishes. Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johanssen play supporting roles that add fun and character to the script.

Great musical scores add to this film, leaving the audience wanting more–and heading out for a good meal.