I talk to myself a lot. And I’m pretty sure you do, too.

Sometimes, I’m trying to talk out why the heck I walked into the kitchen: “What did I come in here for?” Other times, I’m talking about what I’m going to make for dinner: “Maybe I can do pasta tonight.”

Those are the benign chats. Yet it’s not always that innocent.

Sometimes, my self-talk seems designed to beat me up, even though it’s coming from my own mind.

The voices in our heads can be negative, ugly, and even destructive, not to mention constant. And those voices create our own list of “dirty words,” that can send us into a tail spin at their mere mention.

Every woman has dirty words particular to her, but a few are universal–like the words, “change,” and “balance.” Did the hair on the back of your neck just stand up?

We can control our self-talk, and our dirty words. When we do, we tame the self-talk beast, and give ourselves the permission and freedom to create the life we want.

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