Deals That Matter
Read on for info on a great site for NRFGP Readers

We at NRFGP don’t often endorse other organizations, but this one is worth a look. (Plus, we have a give-away to make it fun!) If you do any online buying, check out Deals That Matter, a company that offers discounts for various shops, restaurants and businesses with a charitable twist.
For every purchase made, Deals That Matter will donate a portion of the purchase price to a local charity or organization. Currently, the worthy recipient is the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. (You can also contribute to the organization of your choice. Visit and click on “How it works” to learn more.)
This month, Deals That Matter is offering the chance to win a $25 Target gift card to any NRFGP readers who sign up to receive email notification about the daily deals on the site. Simply click the Deals That Matter box above, or click the link on our sidebar. You’ll be taken to a page asking for your email address. Enter your name, the address and a password of your choice. Click “Sign Up” and you’re done!

At the end of April, we’ll choose one lucky participant and the winner will receive the Target gift card. (Please note: There is no purchase necessary to join the site or enter this give-away. However, you must sign up for Deals That Matter to be eligible for the Target gift card.)

It’s a super way to get great deals and give back at the same time. Good luck to all who enter!