Iti-see-you‘s a fact of middle age that as we move on in life, we acquire a super-power. Ordinarily, this would be something to embrace, but this super-power comes with built-in disadvantages.

Somehow, as we get older, we have the power to become invisible. While there are many times when I’d like to do just that, this super-power refuses to be controlled, and asserts itself at will, especially when I’m standing in line at a store waiting to buy something and the clerk is otherwise engaged in some essential task, like folding shirts, shooting the breeze with another sales clerk, or, my personal favorite, texting on her phone.

It’s maddening, especially when I suddenly become visible, she acknowledges me, and I have to smile and pretend I hadn’t noticed that she ignored me for ten minutes. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!

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