By: Chrysa Smith

No secret–I love to shop. From the youngest days in elementary school to present day, I think I’ve always gotten my jollies when I’ve scored a new, stylish piece of clothing; especially at a great price. No surprise. I’d venture to say most women do. It’s just nice to be in style and score something new.

But when the credit card statement comes, I cringe just a bit. Even though my purchases may be no more than $50/$60 bucks or so, it all adds up and I’m shocked to see just how much I’ve spent. No surprise. I’d venture to say that many a women do. But with the advent of online shopping comes bigger bills. It’s just so darn easy to shop these days. The catalogs, the ads, the emails, the phone apps and ever increasing computer time. I admit it.  I’m a victim of retail overload–or RO.

Remember when we were kids? There were brick and mortar stores and then the Sears and JC Penney catalogs. And of course, there wasn’t much but Craftsmen tools and matronly clothing. In retrospect, the offerings were limited. And of course, Sunday’s were off limits.  There just wasn’t so much temptation. And I admit it. I’m a victim of limited self control —or LSC.

Truth be known, some days I wish there was a commercial and a pill. You know, like the Viagra ads. ‘When the time is right, you know it. It’s happened before. In fact over and over again. So you reach into your purse and there it is–the credit card. Self-control would be great. But for those of us who suffer from LSC or limited self control, there’s help. Shoponex is intended to treat both RO–retail overload, and LSC, limited self control. One tablet once a day is all you need to help control unexplained needs to stop at malls, read sale circulars, jump online, earmark pages on catalogs and other symptoms. Side effects include a lack of interest in shopping, shrinking closets, reduced credit card bills and an increase in fee-free hobbies, crafts and working out—even cleaning. Speak to your therapist about it. And in no time, you’ll not be shopping at all.’

Luckily, no one’s yet invented such a cure. So until then ladies, stay in check, but enjoy your ailments. It’s one of the few that’ll actually keep you looking good!

 Addendum: I was at H&M this weekend, saw the cutest orange sundress with front zipper on the clearance rack. It was marked $7. I tried it on, fit perfectly and I took it to the register. It was apparently another 50% off and I walked away with a $3.50 dress. Can’t get better than that!