by Chrysa Smith

David Zinczenko has made a nice-paying career out of what we women do on a daily basis—figure out what to eat.

While I haven’t read the book, I do see the author on the TODAY show regularly telling us not to eat the 1800 calorie fast food cheese burger and opt for something else. And I’ve learned that in a pinch, Chick Fil A is the best fast-food choice at under 500 calories per menu item.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but I have to admit, when you’re not in the thinking mode, it’s easy to fall prey to a fat-ridden, tasty treat. It’s also hard to detect at other times, the hidden dangers in seemingly innocent foods like salads, grilled chicken dishes and seafood.
But tell me–is it me, or is it menopause? Because for some reason, even during this record hot summer, I’m somehow still finding my appetite. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pigging out. I’m not looking for that super-sized burger and fries. It’s just that in summers past, I could eat a salad for lunch and not be very inclined for much dinner. Not this summer. I had counted on the summer humidity impeding the demand for sweets and carbs. For Pete’s sake, when the scorching days kept me in, I’ve done something I don’t even do much of in the winter. I actually baked. And baking isn’t something I even enjoy.
So, what’s wrong with me? I’m cooking as much as usual and now baking too? If I was twenty years younger and craving pickles, I’d spend some time in the maternity shop—but I know better than that. In addition to my teenage skin, are hormones also to blame for changing my figure and increasing my appetite? Come on Mother Nature—-knock it off!!! As if aging isn’t cruel enough.
So, while I deal with dark, caloric desires, I’ll take David Zinczenko’s advice and at least not order the toxic menu items—even if I’m still eating three meals a day. I’ll try to stick to the good and avoid the bad. And maybe take an extra bike ride or two since tennis is now out again for at least a little while—the bum heel and now, a case of tennis elbow. You never know, I find all sorts of interesting places I didn’t know about when I bike. Maybe one day, I’ll run smack into the fountain of youth!