by Chrysa Smith

Today was once again, a case of the unexpecteds.

After a tennis debaucle two weeks ago (Thanks primarily to me, a sore heel and some stress about my husband’s business, our team lost a ludicrous 20+ games during a 50 minute doubles match), it took some courage to go back on the court, face held high, esteem in check and ready to compete. It worked. Today, I was on the winning team twice, with a full 18 games in check to add to my total scores. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s a rotational doubles league, and I wound up playing with the exact same woman that I lost with two weeks ago. Not that I’m competitive (ha, ha), but you know, my partner did look at me with a bit of disgust and silent desperation that you just feel in your gut. I wanted to make it all right and prove myself as a true 3.5 player.

Anyway, that’s this morning’s news. After tennis I headed to New Hope to discover my favorite skin care products that are sold locally in New Hope, King of Prussia or Philadelphia. Well, the shop was gone. So much for the original purpose of my journey. But through the adventure, I discovered a great shop called Bliss–right on Bridge Street—the street that takes you from the New Hope bridge to Rt. 202 South.

I knew I’d have to blog about it. If the financials were in wonderful shape, I would have summoned my royal friend, Master Card to roll out the retail red carpet, but I was held in appropriate restraint. What a great, little shop. I did buy a clunky necklace that contained odd shaped pieces of wood, silver and other brown and tan material. Again, a great piece of jewelry to layer, wear with cream, brown or white—and other pieces of silver jewelry. Price? $25. Not bad for something that looks very hand-made.

Lots of other nice pieces of silver and aquamarine for summer, plus more antiquish-looking gold and richer shades of faux beading. And the purses—-really nice, trendy and stylish bags that would give Nordstroms a run for its money—-but only around the $50 or less mark. Bowling-ball bags, slouch bags and more were beautiful and appropriately priced—-to lay on the floor of a nearby New Hope restaurant or thrown on the back seat of your car.

Check it out sometime when in New Hope: 19B West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA.