Lisbeth Salander is back in full form in the second installment of the Millennium trilogy by the late Stieg Larson.

As the movie starts Lisbeth is in a Caribbean island enjoying the money she procured for herself in a not very orthodox way. But as soon as she comes to Sweden and, following a visit to his legal guardian (the ‘sadistic pig’ we met in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo), she is framed for a double murder and must go into hiding.

The murdered couple worked for The Millenium magazine, the same magazine Lisbeth’s occasional lover Mikael works for. Unlike the police, Mikael doesn’t believe Lisbeth is guilty. He thinks the motif for the murder is related to the couple’s investigation of a sex-trafficking ring with high profile clients. So while the police hunts Lisbeth, Michael tries to contact her and clear her name.

But Lisbeth doesn’t want to be found, as the crimes are too close to her past. A past we glimpsed in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and that now will take central stage.

A shadowy soviet defector, an unbeatable hunky villain and plenty of mystery propel The Girl Who Played with Fire to its bloody finale.

I really liked these two movies and, it seems, many American did too as they are planning a Hollywood remake. They have already chosen Daniel Craig for the role of Mikael. I loved Daniel Craig in Defiance and I think he is a great choice, but, really, why is it necessary to remake a perfectly good movie? Yes, it is in Swedish, but that is part of its charm, as are the Swedish setting and characters. Obviously, no one is asking me.

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