by Chrysa Smith

I couldn’t wait until the little fellas got here.
Now, I can’t keep up with them.

Despite the record heat, I had a great bumper crop of tomatoes—-round, red, ripe and delicious. But, not wanting to waste a precious one, I’ve been cooking with them, eating them on bread and giving them away in order to keep them in use by those who might appreciate them. It’s been no easy task. So today, I logged onto and figured out what else to do with the lot. Tomato Pies. Tomato Soup.

Aah. Genius. This will let me cook the ripe little buggers now, into a dish that I can freeze and use way past the days of the summer garden. That’ll let me wax poetic on the lazy, hazy days of summer, when it was 99 degrees with 95% humidity. The days when my tomatoes were perky and my hair, energy level and personality—-well, not so much.

So, they’re in the oven right now, compliments of my favorite southern belle—Miss Paula Deen.
Check out her recipe at Just a little mayo and I used mozzarella and a bit of whatever else I had in the cheese bin.

Also, think on a creamy tomato soup, thanks to the southern bam man, Emeril Lagasse:
It’ll be oh so welcome in the cold to the bone days of winter.
Additional note: Carmen, fellow blogger and movie critic, informed me that she used some of my tomatoes and peppers for something I hadn’t even thought of: gazpacho. And my mother? Tomato relish: a cookdown of peeled tomatoes, celery and fresh green or red peppers.
What does the summer garden inspire you to cook?