by Chrysa Smith

There I was sitting in my family room. It was Friday night. And there they were on the couch. My husband on one side, son on the other. Both had their right legs up, crossed over their left. And in each guys hands—a video game.  My dog Bobby was pushed against me, licking his—uh—huu-huu. And my other dog Geezie? He was sleeping. It was then that it hit me. I live in a state of estrogen depletion. And I need the Rx FAST!

Many of you know the same condition. You might be up against the tv, computer, newspaper or video game. In any case, there seems to be a complete state of attention deficiency on one side and complete and utter focus on the other. The cups and plates could be piled high on the coffee table, but no worries. The clock is running and we might need to be getting ready to go out, yet no worries. I often tell my husband that I could march a stream of men through the house and he wouldn’t even notice—-well, much. And that might be because so much time is actually spent down in the man cave.

For those of us who don’t have daughters, or a more balanced household, it can be a real challenge at times. And that is one of the reasons why we need our first Rx– girl friends. Sometimes when I feel out of balance, I realize that I haven’t had any lengthy conversation in awhile. And that’s when I reach out and send some texts, make some calls. And ‘girl’, does that make a difference.

Other times, I reach for the second drug of choice– shopping. And actually, I’ve been doing my fair share of that lately, so maybe I’m feeling especially needy for some girly relief. Spending time looking at and trying on women’s clothing is an uplifting experience. I stroll the makeup counters, look at jewelry and feel a little relief.

Next is the craft store—how often do you find a man in there? Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed crafting and creating something out of nothing, so wandering the aisles looking for project or decorating ideas does bring out the feminine creation role–and it’s fun.

The spa and salon are always great healers as well. Maybe it’s focusing on yourself and physical or emotional healing.

Men really are from Mars, I think. And we are surely from another planet altogether. And I think, it’s unnatural to spend too much time in the others’ world. It’s all about balance, I think. And now, in my 50’s, as I am really experiencing an estrogen depletion, the Rx for testosterone overload is needed even more. So off I go now, headed to zumba, dressed in my bright-colored outfit, complete with zumba bracelets and shoes. I like the exercise, but do you think I need the girly outfit? Definitely.


Have your own estrogen depletion problems? What’s your favorite fix?