By: Chrysa Smith


Every so often, MaryFran and I take outings.

They’re not extravagant, because if they were, you’d be the first to know.

They’re just little jaunts that take us away from our computers, neurosis and worries about our writing careers. (Do I dare say that without laughing?)

So, these days help. They help me. They help her. And they always help both of us get a new perspective. Figure things out from a new angle. And God bless us; we’ve been doing this for years. Yet there’s always a new insight—a new vision—a new suggestion that seems to put things into perspective and launch us on our way with more enthusiasm, confidence and determination than ever. But that’s just for starts.

This time, we went to the Macy’s Flower Show. Did you even realize they have one in several cities? Well they do. And essentially, they take their display areas over their main floor cosmetic counters, unoccupied sales floor and turn it all into a spring wonderland. And boy, can it ever come too soon this year? Now granted, it’s not the Philadelphia Flower Show—biggest in the country and occupier of a huge convention hall. But it is spring, and it is creative and it does brighten the gray day—if just for ten minutes. But not only that, it transports you back in time when the department stores of yore were institutions. And Philly is a grand scale. Balconies, organ, elaborate moldings and enormous chandeliers. Pair that with beautiful flowers and well, you know you’re out of the burbs—and transported somewhere special–creative—inspiring—if again, only for ten minutes.

If you don’t already have one, find a friend who likes to explore. Loves life. Is grounded. Who believes in the very best. Who has faith. Who has time. Who has ambition. And don’t let go. It’s special. And the special outings only make the friendship that much more special. Because in the end, what we have are memories. We have the inspirational moments. And we have those times that got us through the rough patches.

Friends are necessary. Spring is necessary. Don’t neglect to harvest both.

If you need to feed your nature side, the Macy’s Flower Show is running through the end of the week. Lots of nearby restaurants and parking make it a great ladies–or friends day out.