by Chrysa Smith

I wish I could do my wedding all over again. Well, that is, except for the 25 lbs. I put on over the last 27 years. But, what I mean is this: instead of listening to all of the older family members, tradition and actually caring about what others thought, I would do it all my own way. And my own way would be a lot simpler, more elegant and outdoors—with I’m sure, a lot more gossip about how much of a rebel I was. Although I must say, even with tradition, I actually heard comments about my ‘low heels.’ Can anyone appreciate my desire to stay on my feet? At least during the festivities, that is. (Oh, for shame!)

Why am I even thinking about this?

As an avid morning talk show viewer, I’m always drawn to segments on fashion, food, beauty. And this past week, they did a piece on wedding bargains. And I’m amazed at all of the new ways to put together a perfectly proper wedding that says ‘me’ and ‘me’ with some left-over money to spend on other things.

Case in point, for those of you planning kids weddings or big parties–

  • Did you know you could order wedding cakes from grocery stores like Acme? I’m not talking about those sheet cakes you find in their refrigerated section. I’m talking about lovely, layered cake with that beautifully smooth frosting, and even decorated with edible polka dots. It’s not the Cake Boss’s lovely fondant roll on frosting, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. On the segment, they attested to great flavor as well.
  • Did you know you could get your entire wedding party or flowers for a party at Costco for just a few hundred dollars? Again, they may not be the rare varieties chosen for royal or Hollywood weddings, but fresh white or single-color bouquets would be just lovely with either magenta peonies or roses
  • You probably already know that you can order custom invitations for parties or weddings online (or have our resident illustrator Pat Achilles do them for you). Choosing from various templates, you can customize what used to be done at printers or by wedding planners. And if you’re good with a computer, you can also download designs and print them yourself.

Boy, things have really changed in 27 years. Luckily, I think I’d still choose the same groom.

Would you like to do it all over again? Maybe a special anniversary party? Or maybe just scale it down and do an elegant backyard party in your home?