By: Mary Fran Bontempo

goldenglobesI love awards shows, particularly the Golden Globes, that slightly wacky cousin to the Oscars. There’s always something interesting, glamorous and just plain weird that keeps the show on my “must watch” list. This year did not disappoint. Here are some of the things I thought while watching last Sunday night.

1.  Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris should host every awards show. Ever.

2.  Tina and Amy both do awesome Bill Cosby impersonations, but I think Amy’s was a smidge funnier.

3.  J Lo was not only presenting at the Golden Globes, she was displaying her own golden globes, as noted by Jeremy Renner in one of the best throw-away lines of the night, which also got him into lots of trouble in the self-righteous Twitter-sphere. Lighten up, people; he simply said what everyone on the planet was thinking. When you make a spectacle of yourself as J Lo routinely does, you’ve gotta expect it!

4.  I will never, ever understand what all the fuss is over Prince. He’s weird, his music is weird and he looks like he should be in The Hunger Games. What is Hollywood’s fascination with oddballs?

5.  Conversely, Amal and George Clooney make everyone else, and I mean everyone, look like trolls.

6.  What is with the seating at the Globes? People practically have to climb over tables to get to the stage. It’s annoying, but it’s also kind of funny watching the Hollywood elite stumble and squeeze past each other like normal people.

7.  Ryan Seacrest is one of the most irritating people on the planet.

8.  I love Matthew McConaughey, but the slow, “I’m a really cool, sexy man” Southern drawl is wearing thin.

9.  Best opening line from Tina Fey: “Good evening, good evening, and welcome you bunch of despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats.” Lifted from the Sony hacking scandal, but well said.

10. I may seem bitchy, but given the laid-back atmosphere, the Golden Globes make me feel a little less like a nobody and a little more like the responsible, mature older cousin watching a roomful of ne’er-do-wells misbehaving. And I love it!