by Chrysa Smith

When you meet Lyn Hicks, you know she is a creative spirit. She just has that look, that sensibility, that sense of style. And when I found out what she does, it was no surprise.

She runs a business called Harmony HillGardens–the chic florist–flowers for giving and special occasions. She calls herself a Living Green Expert and runs workshops for women. When she emailed me a list of upcoming events, I just had to ask her about one on feminine spirit. If you’re at all like me, sometimes you ask, Where on earth did I leave that again? I think it sometimes oozes out of my body and spills across the floor, leaving me feeling, well–depleted, unfeminine, not my best. So, let’s go to Lyn for some words of wisdom:

Lyn: Let me begin by talking about masculine and feminine energy, the yin and yang of things. We all are a combination of both, as woman we are based in feminine essence and balance with masculine. A man is just the opposite. The energies are opposite as well.

Masculine energy is very directed, straight line, get to the goal, “get er done” movement. Focused, concentrated, directed, competitive, mechanical and task oriented.

Big surprise, huh?

Lyn: Feminine energy is more nourishing, more curvy in movement, it is sexual and creative energy. Playful, intuitive, cooperative, inspiring and collaborating. We have a mix of these energies and the goal is to be balanced, strong in both but operating from our core which is feminine. How we approach the world, how we nourish ourselves and how we feel safe and comfortable is very different than masculine ways.

Chrysa: Big surprise, huh?

Lyn:Many woman have become unbalanced and disconnected from their femininity operating in a masculine modeled world of business. Many feel this adds to the inbalance in our world, too much masculine energy is being expressed by the world at large. Our nurturing, collaborating part of ourselves is not accessed as often and we begin functioning from masculine centers causing woman much distress, depression and illness. Woman spend too much time in the fight or flight adrenaline system of the sympathetic nervous system which is biochemically incongruent with our body. We are not tending and befriending ourselves first, nourishing our natural feminine spirit and overflowing this caring energy to others allowing these centers to thrive through expression.

Chrysa: This is one of the things we try to accomplish with this blog–getting women back to themselves; back to fun. And I guess, you get them back to nature.

Lyn: Nature is the great expression of feminine energy. It is the womb so to speak of all creatures. It is magical, spontaneous, playful and nurturing to all. Growing flowers organically has shown me the power of this energy, things grow of their own accord, working together, balancing each other in a very cooperative way with a meandering spirit that nurtures all Working with nature has given me an deeper understanding of myself as a woman, inspiring me to study older feminine cultures and how they worked together to empower themselves.

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