By: Mary Fran Bontempo



Sure, Friday is our “Entertainment” day here at NRFGP, and we usually talk about movies, TV or other events, but really, what’s more entertaining than presents?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, the one day a year when moms can rightfully expect to be pampered. Unfortunately, our idea of pampering doesn’t always jive with that of our families–the ones responsible for delivering said pampering.

This month, MORE Magazine offers a few ideas, some traditional, some not, to help the giving impaired, that every woman is sure to enjoy.

Candy. Seriously, who doesn’t like candy? But instead of a Whitman’s Sampler picked up at a local Kmart, how about a specialized treat from Sugarfina? The site offers an incredible array of treats, ranging from chocolates to gummy bears, with gift packages and price points for every taste and budget. A delight for the taste buds!

Beauty products. How much do you spend on products that you use once and then discard? offers high end samples of beauty products selected specifically for the recipient with a subscription. A 3, 6 or 12 month package, priced at $10/month delivers the samples right to your door. Try a product chosen for you and eliminate pointless, expensive make-up try-outs forever!

Jewelry. Really, do we have to say more? Maiden Nation creates “a marketplace where items are designed with both beauty and social consciousness in mind.” The site features jewelry and other fashion items which are “ethically sourced,” while “profits are reinvested into women’s entrepreneurship projects.” The jewelry is lovely and you can feel good about your purchase knowing it is supporting women on the global stage.

Mother’s Day is your day, ladies. It’s okay to be just a little demanding. Check out MORE’s “unexpected Mother’s Day gifts” for other great ideas, but most important, be good to yourself this Sunday. And if you’re not a mom–who cares? Claim the day anyway and treat yourself.

Because every woman deserves a little pampering.