It’s Here!

Not Ready For Granny Panties
The 10 11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties

By Mary Fran Bontempo
with Illustrations by Pat Achilles

is now available on Amazon and Barnes &!

Two of your NRFGP contributors have joined forces to create a book especially for women in life’s “middle ground.” The women who take care of everyone else before themselves. The women for whom FUN is has become a dirty word. The women who are stuck in a middle-aged rut and headed towards a life trapped in a giant pair of literal and figurative bloomers. In other words, a book for us!

But a few simple “tongue-in-cheek” commandments, along with delightful illustrations and some exercises to get gals motivated will lead women back to life in the lite lane, and back to finding some fun in each and every day.

Aging is inevitable, but looking, and acting, like your grandma is not. Join Mary Fran Bontempo and Pat Achilles and learn a new set of Commandments that will help you avoid the Granny Panties and love life in the middle years. You’ll laugh, learn a few things and bid a permanent goodbye to GRANNY PANTIES!

To sneak a peek at what’s inside, click here. Then, get on board with the NRFGP lifestyle and order your copy today on Amazon or Barnes and! (If you’re a bricks and mortar kind of girl, call your local Barnes & Noble and order the book to pick it up at the store.)

And let us know what you think after you learn a new set of commandments and become a NRFGP woman!