By: Mary Fran Bontempo

oscars-2013-promo-posterIt’s Oscar time again, and as usual, I’m hooked.

I love to pretend that I find Hollywood’s self-congratulatory attitude with its proliferation of awards shows somewhat pathetic–I mean, just how many parties to you need to throw yourself, anyway?–but where the Oscars are concerned, I’m just plain envious.

Really, who wouldn’t want to be part of the entertainment celebration of the year? A chance to be “styled” and wear couture gowns? Harry Winston offering a few million dollar baubles for the evening? Maybe, just maybe sitting next to George Clooney? Oh, yes, please, sign me up.

But along with the millions of other have-nots, I’ll have to be content with watching from the couch, wishing I were there and tossing off the occasionally snarky comment aimed at whichever unfortunate star tries to make a fashion statement this year only to end up the object of intense ridicule and internet memes. (Anne Hathaway’s bosom blunder from last year, anyone?Angelina Jolie’s leg from 2012? Check those out–hilarious!)

Yet, no matter how bad the dress, I’ll wish it were me. And as a woman who’s a few light-years away from “ingenue-ness,” it’s refreshing to see the list of best actress nominees populated with women very definitely not in their twenties, and some well beyond. See, I actually could be one of them!

Check out the nominees in the main categories, below, and tune in to this year’s Academy Awards broadcast (hosted again by the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres) this Sunday, March 2nd, beginning at 7 PM on ABC. Don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

Best Picture                                                      Best Actor                                                Best Actress

American Hustle                                                   Christian Bale                                               Amy Adams
Captain Phillips                                                     Bruce Dern                                                    Judy Dench
Dallas Buyers Club                                                Leonardo DiCaprio                                     Meryl Streep
Gravity                                                                     Chiwetel Ejiofor                                           Cate Blanchett
Her                                                                            Matthew McConaughey                             Sandra Bullock
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street