By: Mary Fran Bontempo

Ruby slippers, flying monkeys, witches–good and bad–and a wizard who isn’t named Harry.

Does it get any better? Well, it’s not quite perfect. In this version of Oz, Dorothy’s ruby slippers do not make an appearance. In fact, neither does Dorothy herself.

Today, Disney releases Oz The Great and Powerful, and takes us to the magical land before the appearance of the little girl from Kansas and her pals.

This tale, starring James Franco as the future wizard, traces the circus magician’s arrival in the fantastical land and the challenges he faces upon encountering the inhabitants of Oz, including its miniature citizens as well as the aforementioned witches and monkeys.

Once there, the newly appointed wizard must help chart not only the course of the land, but that of his own character as well, as he navigates the sometimes treacherous paths between good and evil.

As a fanatic about all things Oz, of course I’m going to see this movie. With a cast that includes Franco (a real-life goofball, but usually likeable on screen), Michelle Williams as Glinda and Mila Kunis and Rachael Weisz as Theodora and Evanora, respectively (and I’m guessing the two are the future “wickeds”), the film exudes star power.

Likewise, as you’ll see by the trailer below, it promises to be a visual feast.

This weekend, try on a little magic and visit Oz. And when you’re done, go and buy yourself a pair of ruby slippers. Every real life Dorothy deserves them, whether they’re in the movie or not.