By: Chrysa Smith


For as long as I can remember, I’d  dread those months following New Year’s. I know I’m hardly alone, except for those nutty ski bums who love embracing the cold and the snow. And for as long as I can remember, my husband and son, who love to ski, have planned and taken their ski trips—that is, following the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

As you might imagine,  I’ve felt left out–shunned, if you will. So once again, I suggested a diversion from the frosty trips—one to someplace warm. One where I, a beach bum, could enjoy some warmth, color and sun.

So this year, thanks to my son, we actually bit the bullet and took a trip to the Bahamas. Four glorious days of sun, palm trees, tropical breezes and no coats—smack in the middle of winter. And it was just what I needed as an Rx to the winter blues.

This past week, we jetted off to Nassau, with Paradise Island as our final destination. You see all of those commercials for Atlantis—with the gorgeous beaches and water slide that takes you right through a shark tank. We spent much time by one of the many pools, hit the beach and watched the glorious aqua water ebb and flow. We strolled through downtown Nassau, where most everyone tried to sell us a ‘Cuban’ cigar, some woven straw bags or some woven bracelets and trinkets.

Not only was the climate new–so was the culture. It was just the thing to pop one out of winter for awhile and give the ability to once again cope with one more month til the official start of spring. I’m not even phased about today’s snowy forecast.

Ror me this year, in the middle of winter, I can honestly say (like the commercial) that it was indeed, better in the Bahamas.