by Chrysa Smith

If it makes you happy—–it can’t be that baaaadd. Or can it?Sheryl Crow, the Grammy Award winner has changed her tune when it comes to eating.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer about five years ago, her battle, like many, caused the pop singer to change her view about food. During a stop on her book tour (an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show) Crow said her best meals were always those prepared in her own kitchen.

But since her life-changing diagnosis, her relationship with food changed dramatically. She now sees a direct correlation with what she puts in her body and her health. While still admittedly a potato chip junkie, the concept is to live your best life—beginning with healthy fuel that keeps body, mind and spirit in good shape.

Her new book, If It Makes You Healthy, is a direct spin-off the title of her top hit. In it, she outlines recips that include some of the healthiest, vitamin-rich greens (including sea greens) and other fruits and vegetables that she incorporates into her daily meals. The goal, she says, is to eat food that fuels and invigorates you rather than sits in your stomach or weighs you down.

I don’t know about you, but this is the perfect season to jump on the Crow farm-wagon. I’m growing my own lettuce and herbs and just picked some for a salad the other day. It’s an added plus that it came right out of my yard, picked minutes before eaten, grown with no chemicals, no last minute trips to the grocery store and the extra pat on the back that comes with being a backyard ‘farmer’ in addition to wife, mother, writer, cook and dog caretaker.

But perhaps even more importantly, the old saying: junk in/junk out, is so true. When we eat the heavy, fat and salt laden foods too long, we really do slow down, become lethargic, foggy and are really, not living life to the fullest. So whether you reach for Sheryl’s book or log onto your favorite recipe website, think about lightening it up, healthying it up as we head into spring—-the perfect season for new beginnings.

Have you or someone close to you changed a diet due to illness? a health scare? Seeing your extra fat in a recent photograph? Please dish and share the changes it brought about.