Beads and Baubles to Make a Girl Happy
By: Mary Fran Bontempo

Owner Lisa Rohrsach

Do you remember plastic baby bead necklaces? The ones with the big, colorful plastic beads that could be snapped into place to make a bright necklace or bracelet for baby? How simple. How sweet. And how satisfying for baby to create a little fashion statement all her own.

Actually, the fashion statement part probably wasn’t a consideration, at least at first. But most little girls grow to have an appreciation of baubles that only increases over time. Thanks to either a true love of anything sparkly or the success of marketers who suggest that only a gift of jewelry will do for a special occasion, women adore beads and bling.

But if it’s not your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or Prince Charming is temporarily unavailable to present you with your heart’s desire, what’s a girl to do to satisfy the craving for all things shiny?

Enter The Potomac Bead Company, a wonderland of beads, gems and jewels guaranteed to induce awe and just the place to inspire two gals who are Not Ready For Granny Panties to learn something new.

On a recent Monday, fellow blogger Chrysa Smith and I found ourselves gaping like two kids in a candy shop when confronted by rooms full of gorgeous beads and stones at The Potomac Bead Company store in Doylestown, PA. Having decided to take a class to create our own unique jewelry, we were instructed by owner Lisa Rohrsach to select the gems we wanted to use to make our necklaces. But where to begin?

Fortunately, Lisa proved exceptionally knowledgeable about her merchandise, explaining the different types of beads and which was best suited to what type of creation. After more than a little wide-eyed wandering, and some guidance from Lisa, we found ourselves with enough materials to create two lovely pieces of wearable art.

The class itself was relaxed and pleasant–more a vibe of girlfriends sitting around a table talking than intense instruction. Yet, by the time we were through, each of us had mastered the basic techniques and created two lovely, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. (We’ve both been asked, “Where did you get that necklace?” and been proudly able to respond, “Why, I made it!” much to the incredulous stares of our friends.)

The Potomac Bead Company has multiple locations throughout the United States and Europe and offers instruction in all types of jewelry making, from the simple to the complex. If you don’t have a store in your area, do a Google search for jewelry making classes in your location.

Our Masterpieces!

The urge to create is one well worth indulging. And few things delight a woman more than jewelry. Why not combine the two and treat yourself to unique works of wearable art that you can proudly point to and say, “I made this!” Learning something new can truly be a beautiful thing.


If you go:
The Potomac Bead Company
(Even the website is awe-inspiring!)
         137 South Main Street
         Doylestown, PA 18901
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