by Chrysa Smith

I’m not sure about Irish food.
There are some good ales, meat pies and potatoes. But classic Italian or French, it ain’t.
Nevertheless, on March 17th, when we’re inches from spring, what better time to celebrate the wearing of the green than with some food and drink? Personally, I’ve already indulged in some Irish Soda Bread. I’ve always liked the sweet/savory taste of the raisins and caraway seeds. It’s pretty good for breakfast and not very hard to make, which is hard to find in breads because most involve yeast–and to yeast, I say yuck. Oh, I’ll eat anything with yeast in it. It just takes too much time to make from scratch; too much TLC to make sure it doesn’t flop. Check out this easy recipe from the Barefoot Contessa (just love her recipes and her nickname)at: I skip the currants.
Cabbage and Irish Potatoes have never interested me at all, so if you are

craving that, I’ll politely say find something on Food Network, Epicurious, All Food or from Martha Stewart. But this year, for the first time, the thought of Brisket, while I’ve always thought of it as a Jewish delicacy, holds some allure for me and I’m going to try it. Perhaps it comes to the Celts because of the crossover between Passover and Lent. Whatever the reason, I’ve checked my store circulars for sales and intend to take my shopping basket out for some brisket today. I’ve checked my favorite recipe site and here’s the one I have settled on; liking the seasoning, type and ease of preparation. Alright, I admit it is more Southern BBQ than coast of Ireland, but it is endorsed by one Ms. Paula Deen–which never gets my Irish up, which on any other day but March 17th, is a very good thing: