barber-1453064_640They say that personal growth comes from trying new things; stepping out of the proverbial box. So, I have to hand it to my husband Mark. He stepped completely out of his comfort zone in a very stylish manner.

Now mind you, Mark is probably the most conservative person I know. He grew up in Montana–a very homogenous, small and simple environment. He has donned the same couture for decades: jeans and golf shirt in the winter; shorts and now, Tommy Bahama t-shirts in the summer. (The shirts are thanks to me).He votes conservative, listens to conservative news and much like everyone else, is a creature of habit. Which is why I am so surprised that we found him a new barber shop–and it’s, to say the least, a bit bizarre, even for my tastes.

Floyd’s is a chain—described as the original rock ‘n roll barbershop for men and women. Concert posters for all sorts of rock bands plaster the walls and all sorts of ink plaster the stylists that work there. Blue and pink hair, skin covered with green and red ink, jeans with slits, lots of black.

Check out the photo. Do you see my juxtaposition here?  A middle-aged conservative—here, at Floyd’s in Willow Grove, PA. Go figure. But I shouldn’t be totally surprised. Sometimes, he comes home to tell me that he’s thinking of buying another business, looked at a car, hired new people—all seemingly out of the blue. And I think it’s one of the reasons why he’s always engaged in his days. There’s always something new to try, even if it might be at first, slightly uncomfortable.

Whenever MaryFran and I get together, there’s always this discussion about stepping out of the box. We’ve both done it, just by deciding to make careers out of writing on our own. For better or for worse, there is something to be said for a passion and taking a chance. Although many of those with 9 to 5 desk jobs often don’t understand, there’s a freedom in doing things differently, your own way, managing yourself and yes—stepping out of the box.

So, if you haven’t, maybe give it a try.  It could be something as simple as a new salon, way different piece of clothing, off-beat furniture purchase. While it can feel uncomfortable or unusual at first, it’s amazing how you can be moved to try more and more, until you find yourself in a new and different place—a place of personal growth. So go ahead and run with scissors. You might even wind up at Floyd’s or for heaven’s sake–with pink hair.