by Chrysa Smith

Everyone has heard of it. Some think about it when they’re in NYC.
Right about now, it’s the perfect time to be there. And when in the Big Apple, it’s the rare place where you can spend the day and not spend a fortune.

A beautiful oasis in the middle of a concrete city, Central Park has always been one of my favorite NYC sights. In the spring, I’ve played softball there. In the summer, I’ve done the zoo and concerts. In the winter, I’ve skated there. And the fall? Well, I think I might have eaten there. Because through all seasons, there’s something to do. And through all seasons, the park has a unique beauty that’s surrounded by towering skyscrapers.

When my son was little, I made it a point to take him there one summer. We did the zoo. We rode the carousel. We walked the lake and marveled at the buildings that were close enough to touch, yet seemed miles away. But that’s just a tiny bit of what’s offered in this two century old, 800 acre paradise.

There are memorials, fountains, lakes, playgrounds, a zoo, a castle, places to eat, places to race/rent boats, fields of flowers, a pasture, bridges, a carousel, arsenal  and more. In fact, you could probably spend several days in the park and not run out of things to do. While many people seek to flee the city in the humidity of summer, I like to head there and go to the park. This summer, I’m even thinking of taking my dogs as there are a variety of events that they can partake in as well.

So, in between beach outings and barbeques, think about shaking it up a bit and spend a little bit of summer in the city. For specifics on what to do and see, check out: