By: Mary Fran Bontempo

emmyIt’s no secret that I love awards shows, but sometimes my mind wanders. Here’s what I was thinking last night while watching the Emmys:

1.   Neil Patrick Harris is funnier than Seth Meyers.

2.   Veep is a really funny show, even though there’s a lot of cursing, which is probably why I like it.

3.   So is Louie, even though it’s really dirty, which is probably why I like it.

4.   I’m really  sick of Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory always winning for best actor in a comedy, even though he’s really funny in it.

5.   I don’t need to see commercials about bladder leakage, but kudos to the lady who did one for Depends. However, I REALLY did not need to see her actually wearing the damn things.

6.   Lena Dunham (creator of Girls) kind of annoys me but I think it’s because I’m jealous of her.

7.   Jimmy Kimmel is right–Matthew McConaughey is too pretty for TV.

8.   How did I miss The Normal Heart, and what was it about?

9.   Very few people can wear yellow, even if they’re really, really gorgeous. (Are you listening, Kate Walsh?)

10.  I can’t wait until American Horror Story starts again, even though it’s twisted and demented and scares the crap out of me, which is probably why I like it. Congratulations Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange.

11.  Why is Weird Al Yankovic still performing and what kind of pictures does he have hidden of the producer of the Emmys to get on the show?

12.  Three hours in, I realized everything anyone could have possibly wanted to see on the Emmys could have been compressed into 17 minutes. #Emmytimesuck

13.  I will probably watch again next year, especially if they have the show on a Monday night again as there’s usually nothing better to do, which is probably why they moved the show to a Monday night.