A middle-aged woman looks at life with a laugh. 
Mary Fran Bontempo

I used to hate computers.  And the internet.  And cell phones.  And pretty much anything that required me to master new technology.  Of course, most of this stuff was coming of age when I was a younger woman, mothering young children.  I was busy changing diapers, doing homework, playing nursemaid, working in a family business, caring for a mentally unbalanced dog…you get the picture.  Anything that required thought was pretty much off my radar as I was running on autopilot.

But one day, my loving husband, most likely in an attempt to do something, anything to quiet my constant moaning and groaning about the state of my atrophying brain (a.k.a. shut me up), bought me a laptop.  After reluctantly putting aside my trusty yellow legal pad and tentatively tapping keys, I was hooked.  Now, I can’t stay off the darn thing.

A number of years ago, I began recording my daily adventures in womanhood for several Philadelphia area newspapers and I can’t seem to stop.  However, my public venting seems to have struck a chord and I’ve heard from lots of women over the years who swear I’m looking into their homes as I write.  I’m not, but the truth is, we all have the same stories, only the details change.  So I write to strengthen the bonds of my sisters in wifehood, motherhood and womanhood.  Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Anyway, I hope to share my humorous take on life with you in Not Ready for Granny Panties.  I confess that I didn’t have much of a sense of humor about this journey when I was younger, but as I’ve aged, I’ve come to see just how insane life really is.  And hey, we might as well laugh.  We’re all in this together and it beats flooding the planet with our collective wailing, don’t you think?!