Blogging is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. What it is, really, is an online communication.

It could take the form of a diary, as someone shares their daily life. It could be topic specific–talk for gardeners, home decorators or writers.

For us at NRFGP, it’s more like an online magazine to share some fun, discoveries and insight with other women living in the middle of life.

So, read out stories, laugh at our cartoons, take a movie review or restaurant recommendation and plug it into your life.

And take a moment to share a comment with us at the end of each blog entry. (Click on the word “comments” in red to do so.) We love to hear from our readers. It helps us know if we’re hitting the mark, and if we should keep on, keeping on the track we’re on!

Thanks for joining us, trying something new, and remembering that it’s important to live life in the light lane!