by Chrysa Smith

A caballero, he’s not. What he is–is the creator of the hottest dance craze this side of Seoul. Namely, PSY. And PSY has everyone from kids to great grandmothers moving their booties to the catchy, trendy song and moves known as Gangnam Style.

Apparently named after a swanky, uptown neighborhood in South Korea, PSY gives us a comical take on the stereotypical  ‘dancer.’ Obviously, he’s not tall and lanky, nor gorgeous. In fact, he’s got a little pudge we all like to see on others. And as some have noted, he’s not unlike that uncle who breaks out his moves at the family wedding. Cringe!

But PSY gets a Four Thongs Up! from this NRFGP blogger. He’s got exactly the spirit to have fun and move others, regardless of age, size, sex, etc. He’s no supermodel—just a guy who likes to move it.

Check out the video below and see if you can keep up with the continuously galloping horseback moves. One dance alone has to burn a few hundred calories, can’t it? We rolled it into our Zumba routine and no kidding—it’s about three songs rolled into one. Not unlike recovery from a horseback ride— those legs and butt are still sore!