by Chrysa Smith

Pat Achilles and Chrysa sampling goodies!

I get by with a little help from my friends…..

You know the lyrics–and the truth behind them. Because there’s nothing so uplifting at times, than time spent with a group of friends. And when you pair that with food and wine, well–Nirvana.

So, if you’ve read the posts for some time, you may have caught one on Tastefully Simple—that line of simple, home-sale food products that really is, simply tasteful. Now, as one who likes to cook, I’m often wary of products that are pre-packaged, too easy meal in a box type of food–especially one which claims that you need no more than two additions to make it complete. But for once, I’ve embraced it, because the foods I’ve sampled have left me saying–I’d like some more.

Now, besides packaged foods, I never thought I’d be having another home-based party. With a young child at home, sure, I did the Tupperware, Pampered Chef, jewelry and other parties ad nauseum. And those products are good—bought them, like them. But truth be told, I thought I was way over these events you usually do to break the young mom routine, until I realized that I could combine my group of friends, food and wine in my home, and have a delightful evening without emptying the entire contents of my wallet.

So think about it—-what a nice way to entertain friends and sample some food (plus adding your own favorite beverage) while doing a little shopping to boot? Rewind to last Thursday night, when I hosted one. I spent less than one hour (not counting baking time) preparing a loaf of bread, pound cake and four dips. And boy, did it make the house smell good too.

Pat and her awesome artwork!

Of course, it was us bloggers and friends. And we sat around, talked about the latest life news while sampling beer bread, chocolate pound cake, spinach and herb dip, warm artichoke and spinach dip, onion dip and a cinnamon cream cheese roll. In all, a delicious evening, with zero pressure to buy anything because quite frankly, my guests were also left to say, I’d like some more.

If you’ve never tried the products and would like to, our lovely consultant will work with you long distance (which she did with us). Becky Leonard:: or on the web at 

Good friends and good eats to you!