By: Chrysa Smith

dogwritingLet’s see. Hmm. How can I describe my husband? Well, he’s tall with deep blue  eyes and salt and pepper hair. Not skinny, not heavy, he’s got a solid build with nice strong arms, long, muscular legs and slightly ruddy complexion. People used to say (years ago) that he resembled Matthew Perry. He did, sort of, back when he was a few pounds lighter, a few hair shades darker.

He rarely dresses up in more than a nice pair of khakis and could be described as a business man—through and through. To have a conversation with him, you’d need to discuss the latest business environment, sports news or politics. Yes, I said politics. In fact, you might not get to discuss that at all with him. Rather, you would receive a lecture regarding his rather conservative views. Take them or leave them.

Now, it doesn’t always seem obvious, but he’s got the soul of a puppy dog. Often, he can come across maybe a little brash, a little annoyed by the latest burden placed on the small business these days. More than a bit annoyed at the state of political affairs in our country. But he comes at this honestly. Part of his independent spirit comes from an extremely independent type of upbringing. No doting, no coddling. Not an ooh and aah, love you to pieces type of background. But pass a needy person on the street, deal with an employee who’s struggling financially, need something done in your house —he’s the man.

Don’t come to him with sappy sentiment and deep emotional dramatics—you’ll only be disappointed. But fold your laundry? Make your tea? Rub your back? wash the floor? Mow the lawn? Grill? Well, he’s there. Why do I tell you these things? Because as much as you know someone, others seem to know them in a different way. And at times, a most unlikely way. So I had to chuckle when this last week, he received calls for advice on business and marriage. Marriage? I’m sorry I missed that one. He probably glazed over and turned mute. He’s no Abby Van Buren—at least to me. But apparently he is to others. And it’s nice to know that, even though his emotional side is not open for public display, it’s there. Because there are those times when even a clean floor and a hot cup of tea aren’t enough.