By: Mary Fran Bontempo

womanhandbag‘Tis the season–of stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

Seems like everywhere you look, the abundance of stuff the holiday season brings threatens to wash over everything in its path like a glittering, shiny, new tsunami.

Everything is stuffed, from your mailbox, with its plethora of catalogs, to your inbox, with its endless announcements of online deals and sales, to department stores, where you can barely get down an aisle without turning sideways, to your refrigerator, overflowing with calorie-laden leftovers that will more than stuff your stomach and waistline before they disappear.

It’s abundance overload, and a bad case of it can leave a woman overwhelmed, cranky and, well, too stuffed to move.

There is a way to side-step this annual case of too much, however. Check out my latest column for Best Kept Self and learn some timely tips to keep yourself from drowning in abundance this holiday season.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as putting some things down….