By: Chrysa Smith

Bridgets1My hairdresser changed shops.

Moving from Jenkintown to Ambler,  I had to rediscover roads and towns along the way. And I found the later to be the most quaint, little borough. Where the commuter train stops. The theater plays arts films. And several newer restaurants promise great tastes.

So, being ever curious, I made us a reservation at Bridget’s Steakhouse, right on the main drag. And it’s now gone on our ‘steak house’ list.

It’s got a city vibe, large glass windows that let you take in Ambler’s comings and goings. A traditionally dark wood, masculine theme is combined with a modern flair, that allows you to feel comfortable without cigar or brandy snifter in hand.

That’s comfortable for me. As a city gal by heart, I’ve been wanting my ‘hit’ of NYC. With our record snowfalls, it hasn’t been quite the commuting or walking weather. So I’ve comforted myself with city-like jaunts wherever possible. And Bridget’s was one of them.

The menu is diverse, leaving room for those not in a carnivorous mood. The seafood and small plate menu is quite fine. But the steaks are the stars here. And I believe we sampled three different types: Ribeye, NY Strip and Filet. Little talk and fewer leftovers indicated our new find is a keeper—as well as the waiter. A jolly fellow with wide knowledge of the menu, we were made to feel at home.

For those who like a hopping place, the bar was full and conversive. And while we tend to eat a bit early for the work crowd (but still not in granny panties), the dining room was beginning to fill up.

If you go, make a reservation on, where you’ll accumulate points toward another great night out. More at: