Summer is For Sitting

By: Mary Fran Bontempo As I write this, I'm sitting. But it's not genuine sitting, it's work sitting, which is not the same thing. Summer should involve more sitting, as I note in this latest piece for Women's Voices Magazine. Check it out while you sit down and maybe have a glass of wine--another thing summer should have more of!

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Join the Start Right End Right Challenge with Best Kept Self!

By: Mary Fran Bontempo Shauna MacKenzie wants you to start your day off right. The founder of Best Kept Self, Shauna gifts her followers with her Monday Morning Pep Talk, available through the Best Kept Self website. It's always a positive, upbeat way to start the week, and I've become an avid viewer. Finally, someone gets that at least for a little while every day, it should be about ME! And you, of [...]

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Every Little Bit Helps

By: Chrysa Smith Every so often, MaryFran and I take outings. They're not extravagant, because if they were, you'd be the first to know. They're just little jaunts that take us away from our computers, neurosis and worries about our writing careers. (Do I dare say that without laughing?) So, these days help. They help me. They help her. And they always help both of us get a new perspective. Figure things out [...]

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Just for Kicks

By: Chrysa Smith Kick up your heels this holiday season with the most flexible ladies this side of your exercise class. That is, the Rockettes. For some 80+ years, the tradition continues to amaze and delight people with their perfect formations and toe-tapping performances that are just not seen anywhere else. Or are they? Well apparently, the linear ladies are not just concentrated in New York. There is a Midwest troop that marches mid-country. [...]

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This Tree Rocks

By: Chrysa Smith There's nothing like Christmas in New York City, with the very best decorated windows you'll find anywhere, food shops that can get you most any of your culinary traditions and of course, the star attraction--The Rockefeller Center Christmas  Tree. Once again, this beauty comes from around the corner in PA, 85 feet tall and is crowned by a star made of hundreds of Swarovski crystals. It's impressive alright. When I worked [...]

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Ballroom With a Twist

By: Chrysa Smith If you're a fan of Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol, you'll love Ballroom With A Twist. It's a traveling show that includes members of all of these casts. For two hours, you're glued to the stage, watching as men and women move and contort their bodies in ways that make you cringe, feel completely obese, think about taking an intense fitness class [...]

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