By: Mary Fran Bontempo

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Wonder Woman PantiesSo really, how cool are these?

Here at NRFGP, we talk a lot about refusing to get stuck in a pair of giant, suffocating undies–especially the mental Granny Panties we find ourselves wearing inside of our heads.

You know the kind: the ones that tell you you’re too old to take up kayaking or roller skating. The binding, bunching headset that tries to convince you your best, most exciting years are behind you. The Granny Panties that tell you it’s too late to begin a new career, you’d better lower your hemlines and it’s time for sensible shoes.

Well…HELL, NO!

After attending and having the honor of speaking at a fabulous conference hosted by Jamie Broderick and Network Now this past weekend, I’m more convinced than ever that age and aging are just numbers. Numbers best ignored, in keeping with Avoiding Granny Panties commandment number two–“Thou Shalt Ignore More!”

What shouldn’t be ignored is girl power, or in this case, Wonder Woman power.

Introduced by DC Comics in 1941, Wonder Woman is really Princess Diana, an immortal Amazon from Greek mythology. Her super powers include: super strength, speed and agility, invulnerability, flight, combat skill, combat strategy and magic weaponry, namely, really cool looking, gold, bullet-proof bracelets and a magic lasso of truth. All of which is pretty awesome, but….

What’s she got that we ain’t got?

Every woman I know can do five things at once, all at warp speed. She can carry more grocery bags at one time than a pack mule. She keeps going, even with a cold, sinus infection and a low-grade fever. She can formulate a plan of attack on a seemingly insurmountable problem and execute the same with the precision of a four-star general at the Pentagon. And one look at a lying kid can turn him into a crying, whimpering truth telling blob who’s begging for mercy.

Truth is, you’re Wonder Woman, I’m Wonder Woman, we’re all Wonderful Women who conduct ourselves like superheroes every day of the week, juggling work, family, home, friendships, parents, pets and on and on. And if ever you doubt your super powers, take a few moments and write down everything you’ve done for the last three days. I mean everything. Eventually, you’ll have to stop writing to eat and pee. And maybe sleep, although most of us don’t do much of that.

If I could, I’d buy every woman I know a pair of these awesome Wonder Woman undies, and demand that she wear them. Or frame them and place them prominently in her home to remind herself, and everyone else in her life, just how amazing she is.

Here’s to you Wonder Women of the world! Ditch the Granny Panties and take up your rightful undies. It’s time to claim your fabulousness. Oh, and if you can figure out where to get a pair of those bracelets, let me know. A Wonder Woman can never have too much jewelry.

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