By: Mary Fran Bontempo

goldenglobesIt’s that time of year again, when Hollywood spends the next few months in a stupor of self-indulgent self-congratulation, reminding the common folk of just how amazingly awesome they are. (And we aren’t.)

Wednesday, it was The People’s Choice Awards, a mish-mash of stuff covering movies, TV, music, individuals–in short, anyone or anything they can throw a statue at who they think will show up to accept it.

Fans vote for The People’s Choice Awards (hence the name), which would explain why someone like Britney Spears was chosen as favorite pop star. Fans clearly include teens who know how to use social media and cell phones to vote for stuff like this. Talent is optional for winners.

That said, the program had some highlights and recognized some genuine talent–of course I’m talking Justin Timberlake, always a class act and deserving winner.

This Sunday, we’ll be treated to the Golden Globes, airing Sunday, January 12th on NBC, starting at 8 PM. The Oscar’s drunken cousin, where stars dine and drink during the proceedings, the Globes always offer unscripted moments of fun and mayhem.

This year’s ceremony will again be hosted by the delightful pairing of Tina Fey and Amy Pohler, who kept last year fun and just edgy enough, sparing us all the attack mode meanness of former host Ricky Gervais, who seemed intent on leaching blood from any target he could sink his messy English teeth into. (Turn about is fair play, Ricky.)

As usual, I’ll be tuning in to see the clothes as much as anything, and the Globes usually offer stars showing their wild sides. Not quite Miley Cyrus wild, but far less sedate than the Oscars.

Tune in Sunday night for the fun and don’t forget your glass of wine–when watching the Globes, do as the natives do and enjoy!

Check out Justin Timberlake’s take on the Golden Globes here. And click below for a sneak peak at this year’s broadcast.