By: Chrysa Smith

Doylestown is a great town. For one, it has a vibrant food scene which has just gotten better thanks to a new gal in town–Genevieve.  Her food philosophy: pure. simple. good. is a growing one in the restaurant biz. And after a stop at her State Street kitchen this week, I’d say her philosophy matches her space and her food.

Located directly across the street from The County Theater, Genevieve’s Kitchen is modern and fresh. Housed in the old brick building that has been shelter to a number of eateries, the look is hip, clean trendy. A bright orange awning simply states ‘Genevieve’s.’ And a look through the window reveals small table set-ups set simply with really nice cutlery and one simple orange flower in a simple white vase.

As a small eatery, I wasn’t sure if the menu would be the same. After eating in dozens of restaurants over the years, I realize that putting together a balanced menu is a challenge, but I think, completely essential to drawing you back. It’s like while a crepe restaurant might be fun, it’s not likely to be your ‘go to’ place most weekends—too limiting. But Genevieve’s didn’t disappoint. From salads and soups to sandwiches and hot entrees, lunch was a pleasant surprise. Especially the sausage roll-up special, which gave me an aha! moment—-indie pasta rolls. Each lasagna noodle was stuffed with a delicious sausage mixture and rolled up and cooked in tomato sauce. It was delicious and gave me all sorts of ideas for using my leftover lasagna noodles.

Each of the menu items either had a twist, or a way of being presented that again goes back to this chef’s philosophy.  What came out of the kitchen looked simple, yet good. And in listening to the diners around me, I would say, most everyone agreed.  Pork chops to arctic char, burgers to vegetarian dishes, the menu is broad and the prices at quite moderate levels. I plan to return for dinner with my very own wine (byob) and to brunch one Saturday or Sunday morning, where the twists on eggs and cheese make for some very interesting sounding meals.

Next time you’re looking for a bite in town, especially if you’re doing the movie/meal thing, check it out: