NewMy daughter is a “Woooooo-er.” She “Woooooo’s” everything that excites her. And if I don’t “Woooooo” her back, she assumes someone’s died. Most times, it’s overkill, but in this instance, I’m with her.

So, here it is: is all new! Woooooo!!!!! And has a new look, too! Woooooo!!!!! Same with Twitter, and a brand new Facebook Author page! Wooooo!!!! And Wooooo again!!!!

After a complete website, blog, and social media reboot, thanks to the amazing skills, patience (with me) and perseverance of Shannon Myers and Kristin Kane, my personal Yodas, my sites have new designs, new videos, new pages, new stuff, and perhaps most important, a lot less of the old stuff.

When you’re building sites yourself, you tend to believe you need one of everything, and there’s a lot of everything out there. You don’t. Shannon Myers told me this in no uncertain terms, as she was systematically purging my old sites of crap that I didn’t need. I gave her full reign to go for it, and she did—ruthlessly, which was exactly what I needed. Kristin Kane added her brand of magic with videos and audio clips, and voila!

I can say everything is fantastic, as I had little to do with the revamp of anything. Check it all out, let me know your thoughts, and continue to follow me as I continue my quest for world domination. Or, at least, making a difference and bringing some laughter into the lives of women.

And next week, be on the lookout for a Facebook contest as we continue to tell the world that WE’RE NEW!!!

Thank you for your support and please forgive my excitement as I move forward. This truly is a Woooooo-worthy moment!