I almost killed a girl last evening in my way to the movies. She ran in front of my car from the sidewalk and would have been her fault had I hit her. Luckily I braked hard and the car stopped and she reached the other side unharmed. It was an eerie reminder of how quick a normal day can take a turn for disaster.

Strangely enough, Terribly Happy, the movie I watched later, told the story of a man who kills a woman by accident and the consequences of his act. It was a good movie, creepy and haunting. And if you are curious, you can see the trailer by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsslA308XV8

Unlike most crime movies or TV shows where the police arrive after the crime and solve it by working backwards, in Terribly Happy we see the crime as it is committed and we are in the mind of the murderer as he gets deeper and deeper into trouble while trying to cover his action.

We are told at the beginning of the movie that it’s based in a true story. I hope it wasn’t as the picture it presents of a Danish small town is seriously disturbing.

Terribly Happy won 7 Robert Awards, the Danish Oscars, last year, yet I had never heard of it until I received my weekly e-mail reminder from The Acme Screening Room.

The Acme Screening Room, an old Acme supermarket building in Lambertville, NJ becomes a movie theater on week-ends. You can see their upcoming films, mainly independent and foreign films and documentaries by clicking here http://www.lambertvillelibrary.org/friends/NN/

It was my third time at the place. Unlike on previous occasions where the room had been full, last night there were only seven of us. And this was itself a crime as the movie and the ladies that run this project deserve better.

The lady who introduced the film (sorry I forget the name) didn’t try to hide her disappointment. She told us that, to raise money for their project, they are having a FARM-TO-TABLE DINNER & VACATION AUCTION next Sunday, September 19 in the beautiful Chimney Hill State http://www.chimneyhillinn.com/.

If you live in the area, please consider going. And as area I mean as far as New York City, for Lambertville and its twin Pennsylvanian town, New Hope (across the picturesque pedestrian bridge over the Delaware River) are easily accessible from the big city.

Both towns with their antique shops and quaint restaurants and cafes are worth a visit, and the dinner promises to be heavenly.

Only the desserts, provided by the Chocolate Box, an incredibly romantic shop right out of XIX century Europe, are worth the $40 admittance ticket you can purchase online at

Just one more thing, if you go, please drive safely.

Bon Appétit!